Just because consumers are untethered, brand marketers cannot assume they are unplugged.

Google Offers A Carrot/Stick For Marketers To Go Mobile

 ”Google is increasingly trying to send advertisers a message about how critical mobile is becoming. As an example the company recently estimated that a huge percentage of last-minute shopping search (44 percent) this holiday will be on smartphones and tablets.  … … Google announced this afternoon that it’s going to factor an advertiser’s mobile presence (site or landing page) into its ads quality score for mobile campaigns.”

This is a smart move by Google.  It will force the hand of many advertisers as we approach the holiday retail advertising season. Analytics will drive this as marketers are better able to quantify mobile.  After all, consumers may enter a purchase funnel in front of a TV or at a computer. Yet in brick & mortar shopping, they are on their feet when at that most critical stage of purchase opportunity.

Use of mobile devices for last minute research or comparison of brands is an opportunity or fail point for brands, depending on their ability to satisfy consumer needs via a mobile browser.

Visual Goodness has been building quite a number of mobile and cross-web/mobile experiences this past year.  In some cases advertisers are asking for HTML5 and/or requesting multi-platform functionality.  In other cases we recommend it based on understanding of client’s brand and category.

Just because consumers are untethered, brand marketers cannot assume they are unplugged.


Read here for more about Google’s new effort


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